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LIFE, o life. 5 cent with all!

Activate one of the packages and communicate for only 5 cent towards IPKO, Vala and Z Mobile.


Packages can be activated only by clients having the tariff “Fol me ton”.

The fastest internet in TreG

Choose the package that suits your requirements.


IPKO Fol me ton'

With IPKO Talk to all tariff, you will speak to all mobile operators throughout Kosovo for only 9 cents/min and 5 cents SMS, you can also speak to 10 people within circle for only 4 cents/min and 4 cents SMS without having to pay for activation of the circle.


IPKO Pika, now rewards all of the loyal clients of all services! Register for FREE and become part of the Pika program.

Hej! Neja o knej!

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