Calls to IPKO Fixed Telephony:

MinutesFixed telephony onlyFixed telephony + internet
First minute0.0 cents0.0 cents
Next minute0.0 cents0.0 cents


Calls to IPKO Mobile Telephony:

MinutesFixed telephony onlyFixed telephony + internet
Price per minute0.0 cents0.0 cents
Calls IPKO PTK0.062 cents0.051 cents
Calls IPKO Vala0.153 cents0.137 cents
  • Electronic refill ( from 3€ – 50€) at IPKO stores
  • Refill cards in value from 5€, 10€ and 20€ which you can purchase at IPKO stores and at authorized distributors where you see IPKOmat sign

Contact us

If you wish to have more than 2 phone connections in your office, IPKO offers the possibility for additional connection according to your needs. In order to help you to create an adequate package for your business, all you have to do is contact us. We will offer solutions at the same day.

Additional functions:

All additional functions are included in the package – free-of-charge

  • Number display – Clip
  • Request to hide the number – Clir
  • Transfer/Re-direction of calls
  • Voice mail
  • Blocking of numbers 0 and 9
  • Call waiting
  • Call hold
  • 3 party conference
  • Fast number
  • Last call
  • Missed calls
  • Your number
  • “Do not interrupt”
  • Re-call
  • Free-of-charge services – Emergency calls 092, 093, 094, 112
  • Free-of-charge services – Calls to IPKO customer care 24/7

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