What kind of team you are going to build for your business depends on the package you will choose and the number of employees you will place in this communication plan.

Create your business Team:

  • Choose the package
  • Assign the number of employees which will be in the “Team”
  • Choose if they are going to be prepaid or/and postpaid
  • And assign automatic top up for your employees account , every month

Make the best choice for communication within your business.

Business Basic prepaid and postpaid

With Business Basic package, employees within your business will have the same tariff plan for communication inside and outside IPKO network.

Tariffs Prices
Monthly Fee (prepaid) 0.00
Connection Fee 0.00
Charging Interval 60/60
On-net 0.083
Off-net 0.095
IPKO fix  0.083
PTK fix 0.095
SMS National 0.036
 SMS International 0.107
  • Business Basic is a standalone SIM available for business prepaid and postpaid clients.
  • Basic SIM card costs 3.00 EUR and has 3.00 EUR refill.
  • Standalone Business Postpaid numbers do not have a monthly fee, but pay the invoice monthly, as they spend.
  • Business Basic SIM can be either used as tariff or tariff option.

Mobile postpaid contains of eight different packages that can be bought as individual packages or can be part of the super team packages. The SIM card for postpaid packages is given for free.

Mobile Postpaid Smart can be either used as tariff or tariff option.