As a subscribed business in IPKO Team, now you can add in your communication plan even numbers of the other business and talk with similar tariffs like being one team.

For a fixed monthly payment you will talk with the cheaper tariffs during the whole time.


To create the Extra Team you have to be a user of one of the IPKO Team packages (Business Start, Team or Free Team).

Also the other business, with whom you are continually cooperating and you wish to add to Extra Team, has to be a subscribed to one of the IPKO Team packages.

This way, you are enabled to communicate, continuously with all the numbers of the other business, for a fixed monthly payment; depending on the package you already have been subscribed.

To add other businesses in your communication plans you have to make the activation payment and pay the monthly fixed price.

If the other business team also wishes to communicate with you similarly, must complete the same subscription procedures like you have.

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