Mobile data packages are prepaid packages designed for use only within the territory of Kosovo and offer 4G speed data (your phone must support 4G technology).

Depending on how much data you spend, you can choose the package that suits you best in different amounts of MB. These packages contain only data while for combined prepaid packages: data, minutes and SMS click here.

For content, duration and price of data packages, refer to the following table:

2GB2.5 €7 days*900*1#
3GB3.5 €10 days*900*2#
4GB4.5 €14 days*900*3#
8GB6.5 €30 days*900*5#
10GB8.5 €30 days*900*7#

If you have any problem with data use, please check if you have enabled data beforehand. If not, activate it by dialing code *321#.

Upon expiration of the package, a larger package with MB will be automatically reactivated whenever you make a refill. If you do not want the package to be activated automatically you can stop the automatic activation by dialing code *900*9# at least one day before the reactivation date.

After spending MB of the package, the following standard prices will apply:

CategoryEvery 100 KB
Business€     0.02

The client must have more than 0.28EUR in the account to use the mobile data after spending the package.

The following table contains the codes that you can use to manage the data packages:

Packages: ActivationCheck accountPackage contentsCancel automatic activationSend packages as gift






Managing and activating packages, checking account balance, sending package as gift can be done easily through MyIPKO application (which you can find in AppStore and PlayStore).

*The service of sending packages as gift can be unavailable upon a separate request of the business.

Please be careful!

  • In order not to spent for internet from your main account, you must first turn off the “data” on your phone and activate a new package and then turn on the “data” option again.
  • Unused MB of the package will be lost upon its expiration. In order use such MB you need to activate a new package before the old package expires (at least one day earlier) otherwise they will be lost.

Physical and electronic refills

To activate one of the packages, you need to have sufficient funds in the account. IPKO offers the possibility of sending refills in different values to your number or to any other IPKO number by visiting any of our shops and distributors or even easier by sending electronic refills through the following channels:

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