Do you spend lots of mobile data?

We have lots of packages with lots of mobile data, while you can choose the most suitable package for you depending on how much and on what you use the mobile data.

Validity21 ditë

5GBWiFi FALAS në mobil për përdorim në të gjitha pikat tona të WiFi, kudo në Kosovë!

Prices after spending the package

The price for the first 100KB is € 0.21, while every 100KB onwards is € 0.02. You must have more than 28 cents in your account to use mobile internet.

How to activate if you are not a user of mobile internet packages?

If you have not yet used your mobile internet package, you must first activate your mobile internet by dialing * 321 #.

How to deactivate?

These packages are reactivated automatically. To stop the automatic reactivation you have to dial the code * 900 * 9 #.

Check your MB account

To check your MB account you have to press * 900 #, where the total amount of MB will be displayed.