These packages allow you to talk and write without thinking about the amount of benefits, and to surf on Internet regardless of where you are, in Kosovo, the region, Europe or even the USA. The continuity of your business in terms of communication is guaranteed with Plan packages.

Depending on your request for communication, Plan Packages contain 9 options with different amounts of benefits.

Do not let yourself without a PLAN!


MIN toward other operators70010001200150020003000400050005000
Mobile data for Kosovo13GB15GB25GB30GB35GB40GB45GB55GB100GB
Mobile data for the region1GB1GB2GB2GB2GB5GB
Mobile data for EU500MB2GB
Monthly price10.00€15.00€20.00€25.00€30.00€35.00€40.00€55.00€99.00€

Minutes and SMS are valid for use with all operators only in Kosovo.

For more information, contact your business advisor. After spending the benefits, standard rates shall apply for minutes and SMS. Click here to see the price for calls and sms in other countries.

If you need more data, you can switch to a larger PLAN package or activate special data packages as follows:

Additional internet packages in Kosovo:

1GB1.5 €24h*900*0#
2GB2.5 €7 days*900*1#
3GB3.5 €10 days*900*2#
4GB4.5 €14 days*900*3#
8GB6.5 €30 days*900*5#
10GB8.5 €30 days*900*7#

For more information about internet packages in Kosovo click here.

Information table for roaming packages in the region:

Amount of MB*Price*Activation
3000 MB10.00 EUR*478*3#
2000 MB6.00 EUR*478*2#
1000 MB3.00 EUR*478*1#

For additional details on data packages in the Region, click here.

Information table for roaming packages in Europe 

Amount of MB*Price*Activation
1024 MB20.00 EUR*345*3#
400 MB10.00 EUR*345*2#
50 MB 2.5EUR*345*1#

For additional detailss about data packages for Europe and USA, click here. 

After the expiration of the MB on your Plan package, standard rates shall apply for the use of data in Kosovo, as follows:

Use of 100KB data in Kosovo
Business prepaid                       0.02 EUR

Standard rates for spending data in the Western Balkan countries:

Cost for data 1MB
Business prepaid                       0.14 EUR

To view the standard rates for use of data in Europe and USA, click here

Please be careful!

  • In order not to spent from your main account, you must first turn off the “data” on your phone and activate a new package and then turn on the “data” option again.
  • If you have any problem with data use, please check if you have enabled data. If not, activate it by dialing code *321#.


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