“Rrethi im” is a special services that communications at the lowest tariffs with your loved ones. Call and send SMS to 5 persons in your circle at a discount with the following tariffs:

  • Calls within the circle: 4 cents per minute
  • SMS within the circle: 2 cents per SMS

Administration of the numbers in the “Rrethi im” list

All you have to do to create the “Rrethi im” list is to send an SMS to 50505 with the following text:

  • Plus 049xxxxxx to add a number in the “Rrethi im” list
  • Minus 049xxxxxx to remove a number from the “Rrethi im” list

Text “Rrethi” to 50505 to view the numbers in your circle.

You can add to the “Rrethi im” list even the numbers of IPKO fixed telephony in the following format: +38138xxxxxx

Additional information

  • The first five numbers in the “Rrethi im” list are completely free of charge.
  • Changing one number in the “Rrethi im” list during one month is free of charge
  • The price for changing other numbers within the month in the “Rrethi im” list is 0.50€.