IPKO Data Center is located in Zona Industriale, Fushë Kosova, with the backup location In Ulpiana, Prishtina.

There is sufficient distance in between (over 100 meters) of gas stations and other toxic stores with explosive, corrosive or similar materials.

There is sufficient distance from the transport routes that frequently transport hazardous materials.

The building was built with the appropriate project documentation, in line with legal regulations and standardization.

The possibility of entry of heavy equipment is provided in the datacenter yard.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Refrigeration systems consist of the cooling system air units installed for all data centers, so it is always installed at least one redundant cooling closet in each room system.

The temperature is kept between 22 ± 2 ° C, and the humidity level in server rooms is in the range 50 ± 20%. For each room there is a system of embedded system for fresh air equipped with air filters, indicators of gas and fresh-air supply capacity of 1-2 changes per hour.

The system halls have installed cabinets for equipment to achieve separation of warm and cold zones.


Power supply from the electricity distribution network is derived from its own direct connectivity that is A+ from KEDS.

In particular, built-in redundant work diesels (DEA) individual power to 1100kW for a backup power supply with underground seasonal storage tanks for fuel, which allows continuous operation of DEA to 72 hours.

Uninterruptible power supply server (UPS systems) comes from two independent energy industries. It enables the user equipment and power supply systems from DC Uninterruptible Power Supply (DC system).

Safety and Protection

The organization is established for the corresponding control and management of security and other systems, regular testing and maintenance of the same and other necessary procedures, as well as sending alarm conditions SMS messages and electronic mail.

The implemented Central Supervisory Control System enables centralized control and controls the functioning of embedded devices and equipment.

Building security in a particular object is constant (24x7x365).

High standard is achieved by incorporating the appropriate solid materials in the construction of the building and formation of server space as a dark room, with no external openings.

Authorized access – electronic control system entering is based on authorization cards with the appropriate database and a permanent record of the history of the event (person, date, time of entry, time of release), which can be obtained on request in a standard format.

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