The number 800 is provided to the companies that want to distinguish themselves in the market by letting their customers call FREE of charge on their number at any time and the price will be paid by the company. At the end of every month, IPKO provides the Service user with a report on the number and duration of the calls received. This report is originated by IPKO reporting and monitoring systems.

IPKO provides the technical solution (hardware and software) for the Service user in a leased form and IPKO is the authorized user of the number. Calls towards this number can be received from all the telecom operators in Kosovo.

A fast and reliable service, an easily remembered number is valued as a branding and direct response tool in business advertising. Common uses for this number are: sales and customer service lines, technical support, charity and governmental helplines, transporting companies, diplomatic services, etc.

The 0800 service is available in two standard packages, although a tailor-made contract can be made on Service user’s specific requests. Standard packages are:

Benefits of using IPKO 0800 Service:

  • Removes the price barrier for the customers to call you
  • Gives a competitive advantage to your organization
  • Attracts new customers
  • Conveys a professional image
  • You get a unique easily remembered number

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