The 0900 service is available for premium services and content. Unlike a normal call, the 0900 service enables the Service user to be paid for their services via the calls of the customers. This service enables Service users to offer different services through phone lines and have a secure payment method in real time. This service lets you concentrate on the important things while IPKO handles the communication infrastructure issues.

IPKO provides the technical solution (hardware and software) for the Service user in a leased form and IPKO is the authorized user of the number. Calls towards this number can be received from all the telecom operators in Kosovo.

Common organizations that use this service are: consulting companies, hotlines, different chat lines, horoscope, sport results, technical support services, television shows, online gaming, etc.

Benefits of using IPKO 0900 Service:

  • Customers pay for the services they get through the phone line
  • Gives an advantage to your organization
  • Enhances your operations and reduces paperwork
  • Conveys a professional image
  • You get a unique easily remembered number

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