Information: Dear customer, from April 6th , the prices of the equipment will change, as reflected below. In case you don’t agree with the changes , please visit your nearest IPKO store to return the equipment, no later than 5 days from the day changes are applied. At any time of the termination of agreement from April 6th,  new rates will be applied in case of non-return of the equipment.
In order to provide fixed services, IPKO grants for use to its Users devices that enable the provision of services.

Equipment typePrice of equipment
Resiver60.00 €
Smart Card10.00 €
Modem60.00 €
Gpon Modem120.00 €

The devices remain property of IPKO while the User keeps such devices in use throughout the duration of the contract.

The User is obliged to return the devices in his/her use no later than 5 (five) days from the date of termination/expiration of the Contract.

The User is obliged to use and maintain the devices in accordance with the terms set out in the TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION which is an integral part of the Contract.

In case of not returning the devices, damaging due to the use of devices in noncompliance with instructions and loss, the User is obliged to pay the total amount of the devices, based on the value specified in the pricelist set out below. The User is obliged to pay the total amount of the devices, as per the value specified in the price list set out below.


TypeType of devicePrice of device
ReceiverHD STB – GL-C850 New Glee30.00
ReceiverSD STB – GL-C720 NewGlee30.00
ReceiverKaon SD DVB-C30.00
ReceiverKaon HD DVB-C30.00
Smart CardIPKO SMART CARD10.00
ModulCard Module35.00
ReceiverCrenova Nanoline HD STB30.00
ReceiverCrenova IPTV HD STB HEVC 372745.00


TypeType of devicePrice of device
Modem 16*4Modem FritzBox 649045.00
Modem 16*4Modem Refurbished TC7210 16×445.00
Modem 8*4Modem V20.00
Modem 8*4Modem EPC321220.00
Modem 8*4Modem EPC3928AD20.00
Modem 8*4Modem TC7200.2020.00
Modem GPONHG8242H Huawei60.00
Modem 8*4Thomson TWG 870 3.0 internal Antenna20.00
Modem 8*4Modem UBEE EVM 320620.00
Modem 8*4Modem EuroDOCSIS 3.0 Thomson TWG870U20.00
Modem 8*4Modem Technicolor THG571K Docsis 3.020.00
Modem 8*4Cisco EPC3212 Cable Modem20.00
Modem 8*4Modem 3.0 CNB SBV6120E20.00
Modem 8*4Modem 3.0 CBN CH6541E WiFi20.00
Modem 8*4Docsis Modem DPX220320.00
Modem 8*4Cisco EPC3208G Cable Modem20.00
Modem 8*4Thomson Modem THG54120.00
Modem 8*4Modem EPC320820.00
Modem GPONHG8242 GPON Terminal EUR Adapter120.00
Modem 8*4Modem Thomson TWG87020.00
Modem 8*4Modem Thomson TCM47120.00
Modem 8*4Modem EPR232020.00
Modem 8*4Modem EPC210020.00
Modem 8*4Modem EPC220320.00
Modem 8*4Modem EPC243420.00
Modem 8*4Thomson TWG 870 Modem Docsis 3.020.00
Modem 8*4PC2203 Cable Modem Euro docsis20.00
Modem 16*4Modem TG2492 24×445.00
Modem 16*4Modem CGA2121 24×445.00
Modem GPONHuawei GPON Modem HG8247h60.00
Modem GPONGPON MOdem Echolife HG824060.00
Modem 8*4THG541 Euro/Docsis 2.0 Voip Cable modem20.00
Modem 8*4Modem EPC 3208 EUR-Docsis 3.0 EMTA20.00
Modem GPONModem GPON EG8010HG0860.00
Modem GPONModem GPON EG8247HG0160.00
Modem GPONHuawei Modem EG8145V560.00
Modem 32*8 Modem Bridge HGM32RE-B45.00
Modem 32*8
Modem CGA2121
Modem 32*8
Modem Gateway 3.0 CBN CH7469

*Note: IPKO reserves the right to change the price of the device subject to changes in market prices and advises you to visit this page to refer to the current applicable prices.

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