There are several ways you can refill your phone balance:

  • Scratch card
  • Electronic filling or Top-Up
  • Mobile refill – clients to distributors
  • Credit transfer
  • SMS Top Up through Banka Ekonomike
  • SMS Top Up through Banka për Biznes
  • ATM Top Up through Banka Kombëtare Tregtare
  • E-banking service provided by Banka Kombëtare Tregtare
  • SMS Top Up through NLB Prishtina
  • SMS Top Up through ProCredit
  • IPKOMat refill on ProCredit Bank ATMs
  • SMS Top Up through Raiffeisen Bank
  • SMS Top Up through TEB Bank

All these ways make it possible for you to be in contact with others all the time.

€5-, €10- and €20-scratch cards
You can buy scratch cards at all points and IPKO-authorized distributors.

To top up your phone balance through scratch cards, scrap away the relevant section to reveal the code and then dial: *123* revealed 16-digit code#
To top-up the phone balance for someone else, dial: *123*revealed 16-digit code*(phone number)#
Electronic Top Up
Using electronic top up gives you the option to decide the amount you want to credit into your phone balance. Choose the amount of credit you with which you want to top up your phone balance ranging from €1.00 € to €50.00.
The validity period of your top-up depends on the amount of credit with which you have topped-up your phone balance and is applied at the moment you perform the top-up:

1€10 days
2€20 days
3€ to 4€30 days
5€ to 9€60 days
10€ to 19€90 days
20€+360 days


*The validity, which is determined by the amount you decide to credit into your balance, denotes the period during which you may use all the services of mobile telephony. After the lapse of a certain period, e.g. 10, 20, or 30 days, etc., you will be able to receive only calls for the next thirty days.

If you do not refill your phone balance during these 30 days, your number will be suspended.

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