Make payments for internet, TV or fix telephony through your mobile phone.

New IPKO service enables you to pay for fix services through your mobile phone. Pay internet, television or fix telephony packages, quickly and without hassle, any time and from any place.

To make payments thorough your mobile phone, follow the instructions below: Press *101#

a) On the menu, chose “Payments”

b) On the following menu, chose the package you wish to make the payment “Family DTV”

  • DUO TV
  • Internet Package 1
  • Internet Package 2
  • Internet Package 3
  • Duo – mini
  • Duo – maxi
  • PPV credit

c) If you wish to make the payment for DTV Family or DUO TV, then you have to write down the number of your SMART card, while if you wish to pay the Internet, then you username.

d) Confirm your payment.

To complete the purchase, you must have sufficient credit in your mobile phone account.

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