Pristina, July 15, 2022 – IPKO Telecommunications has successfully submitted testing of the fifth generation (5G) mobile network technology.

Leading operator IPKO Telecommunication is the first operator in Kosovo to successfully submit the testing of the fifth generation (5G) mobile network technology, which has reached an impressive speed of 1.2 GB/sec. Fifth generation (5G) mobile network technology which IPKO has deployed, represents a fundamental re-architecting of the access network in a way that leverages several key technology trends and sets it on a path to enable much greater innovation. In line with the latest technology trends, IPKO has adopted the newest mobile network technology and now positions Kosovo in the world of 5G map.

5G technology is much more than the next generation of wireless technology, it’s the start of a journey towards faster speeds and reliable mobile connectivity, enhancing customer’s life. As a company with the most modern and advanced infrastructure in the country, IPKO will soon be ready to enable its customers to embark on the latest technology advancement.

IPKO is the largest foreign investor company in Kosovo which for 15 years of its operation managed to invest 400 million euros in mobile and fixed infrastructure, and still continues to expand.

Tomaz Seljak, IPKO telecommunication CEO announced that IPKO will switch to 5G network as soon as possible. “We always want our customers to have the best possible mobile internet experience, and we are very excited to be able to offer to our customers next-generation technology through 5G. Moreover, to meet demand for higher bandwidth we are also investing on fiber to the home infrastucture and continue to expand 4G coverage and capacity”, continued Mr Seljak.

IPKO Telecommunications L.L.C continues being the leading operator in Kosovo and is fully dedicated to providing its customers with the best quality of service and customer care, as well as to simplify and improve the quality of life. IPKO covers 90 percent of the country with fixed and mobile services. It remains the most inovative operator in the introduction and implementation of modern technologies, the leader to first offer 3G and 4G in Kosovo, and now the first to have succesfully finished testing of 5G mobile network in Kosovo.

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