The cutting-edge IPKO eSIM technology is a digital SIM card, integrated as a software into your device, replacing the standard SIM card. 

Instead of using different sizes of SIM cards (mini, micro, nano) for different devices, IPKO eSIM provides the same functions as a standard SIM card but without the need for a physical card. 

IPKO eSIM is available to all new and existing IPKO mobile network users.

Activating your eSIM is a breeze! Simply scan a QR code online and you’re good to go – fast, easy, and secure.


As eSIM cards are a relatively new technology, only certain devices possess the necessary hardware to use it, therefore the only condition for IPKO eSIM activation is to have a device that supports eSIM technology. If you have such a device and want to enjoy the benefits of eSIM technology, then you need to go to the nearest IPKO shop and ask for activation of your number with IPKO eSIM or replacement of the SIM card with IPKO eSIM. 

Once you complete your request, you will be provided with the instructions and QR* code necessary to activate the eSIM user profile on your device. 

Before activating your IPKO eSIM profile, make sure that you have carefully read the necessary steps presented in the manual and make sure that your device (supports the eSIM service) is eSIM compatible (if necessary also read the manual of your phone), otherwise, if you do not comply with these instructions (or manual instructions), IPKO will not be responsible for refunding the eSIM profile funds.

Upon activating the eSIM profile, you will not be able to use the old physical SIM card. In case you want to use your physical SIM card again, contact us and we will solve everything. If you have a dual SIM device, you can keep the SIM card and add an eSIM with a new number.

For the IPKO eSIM profile configuration and activation Manual, click here.

To verify if your device supports eSIM technology click here.

**You can also receive the code and instructions through e-mail address.

For any questions and uncertainties, please contact the responsible person for your business!

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