IPKO has received the FIDES award for contribution to philanthropic activities, for donating a sophisticated ultrasound system to the Oncology Clinic of QKUK, an event organized annually by the Forum for Civic Initiative to evaluate all contributors to society and to stimulate as much as possible many businesses and individuals to share their goods with the rest of society.

IPKO for many years has initiated and supported various causes related to the health sector. Some of the main contributions of IPKO in the health sector are: donation of medical equipment in 20 pediatric units in the main centers for family care, in different municipalities of Kosovo and donation of 5 incubators for the Pediatric Clinic in UCCK, where all together they amount to about 200,000.00 euros (two hundred thousand).

IPKO is a great contributor to society, always initiating and supporting various causes with the main theme, health, education and sports.

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