IPKO provides security at your homes

Prishtina, 21 June 2018 – IPKO launches its newest product, this time related to home security. For all of you who are concerned about your dwellings or houses being vulnerable to any intrusion or fire, IPKO now provides you with the right solution.

As a leader in innovation, IPKO brings you the Home Security product, in partnership with Besa Security. This product is used to monitor houses or dwellings easily and from the distance. Using Besa Security Mobile TTE application, which you can download in your Android and iOS smartphones, all the information on the house security are sent to you in real time. This application will send an automatic notification if someone breaks into the house, if there are movements, or if fire breaks out in the house.

Furthermore, Home Security is preset; it contains the instructions for the installment of the device and is very easy to use. You may find this product in all IPKO stores with a 12-moth warranty period. To learn more about your home security, visit https://www.ipko.com/offers/home-security/

IPKO is the most stable operator in Kosovo and is known for smart solutions, innovation, and the best customer service.

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