IPKO supports the University of Prishtina by installing an agrologic station for research purposes

Prishtina, 6 June 2018 – IPKO has signed a cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary, University of Prishtina. This agreement aims at providing the students of the University of Prishtina with concrete methods for dealing with physical properties and providing electronically processed data on agrologic conditions as needed by students.

“IPKO-Smart Agriculture” is a smart project, which will provide students with processed agrologic data which are needed in and crucial to their studies. We are extremely happy that we are supporting the University of Prishtina and the Kosovo students while helping Kosovo farmers at the same time”, Robert Erzin, Executive Director of IPKO Telecommunications L.L.C. said.

The agrologic station of the University of Prishtina employs cutting-edge technology. It contains some additional sensors that continuously generate data about atmospheric pressure, winds, and gather data used to forecast various diseases in various cultures.

“By providing support to the University of Prishtina, IPKO directly helps the students of the Faculty of Agriculture to study and conduct hands-on research. This is necessary for achieving their academic goals”, Marjan Dema, Rector of the Hasan Prishtina University of Prishtina said. So far, IPKO has installed 16 agrologic stations in the pilot stage.

These stations are currently generating data used by the Kosovo farmers. IPKO aims to install 100 agrologic stations all across Kosovo until the end of the project, which will be available to all Kosovo farmers. These stations will provide farmers with correct, free-of-charge data on the status of soil and air of specific locations. The data generated by agrologic station will be interpreted in an easy and understandable way for the registered farmers to use. The interpretation of such data will be supported by the USAID contractor, Tetra Tech ARD.

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