IPKO signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Tetra Tech for smart solutions for Kosovo agricultural sector

Prishtina, 12 April 2018 – IPKO Telecommunications signed a Memorandum of Understanding with tetra Tech ARD, a USAID contractor in Kosovo. IPKO will cooperate with Tetra Tech ARD in an innovative project titled “IPKO–Agrologic Forecast” at expert level. The idea behind this project is to inform Kosovo farmers of the agrologic conditions in the country and provide them with the necessary information concerning diseases in plants and other information about specific locations in Kosovo.

For the time being, the project is in its pilot phase, with 16 agricultural stations installed and generating agrologic data for farmers.

At first, after the project is launched, the registered farmers will receive SMS notifications. Up until the end of the project, IPKO aims to install up to 100 agricultural stations in seven regions thus covering the entire territory of Kosovo.

These stations will provide farmers with the necessary information concerning, among others, the measurements of soil and air conditions. Specific applications will be used to generate necessary information for agrologic forecast. IPKO will invest in agricultural industry by installing innovative/smart stations in various locations in Kosovo, and USAID contractor will assist in interpreting the data for Kosovar farmers.

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