Sponsorship and Donations

General conditions applicable to CSR Projects

  1. IPKO will support only legal entities, organizations, institutions or other bodies the activities of which benefit the society and correspond to the mission and vision of the company.
  2. IPKO will support celebrities, organizations, institutions or other bodies having a proven track of successful activities beneficial to the society.
  3. IPKO will support activities that promote:
    • Good civilization and hospitality
    • Rule of law
    • Human rights
    • Protection of environment
  4. IPKO will not support any activity of any political party or leader thereof, nor any activity that promotes division between citizens, gender or ethnicity, nor other non-democratic activities.
  5. IPKO will support activities enhancing the image of being a selected employer in Kosovo.
  6. IPKO will support activities promoting IPKO as an economic pillar in Kosovo.

Public invitations for Corporate Social Responsibility Projects All requests for donation shall be reviewed by the CSR Committee and all applicants will be notified on the status of their request within 45 days.


General terms and conditions applicable for Commercial Sponsorship Projects IPKO Sponsorship strategy 2018

  1. IPKO will only support the legal subjects, organizations, institutions or the bodies that through their activities will increase awareness in organization brand and servile and also that corresponds with company’s mission and vision.
  2. IPKO will support the activities that are closely linked to its strategy of sponsorship:
    1. Entertainment,
    2. Sport,
    3. Culture and Arts.

IPKO will not support any activity of any political party or their leaders, activities that promote the divisions between citizens, tender or ethnicity and any other non-democratic activity.

All the requests for commercial sponsorship will be reviewed by the Sponsorship and Donation Committee and all the applicants will be notified about the status of their request within 30 days.


DONATIONS Application FormSPONSORSHIP Application Form

Completed application form should be sent to sponsorimet@ipko.com and for donations should be sent to donacionet@ipko.com.

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