IPKO is recognized as one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in Europe. Established in 1999, IPKO has grown from being the first Kosovo-wide Internet provider to becoming a modern enterprise offering full range of integrated services as well as content, in mobile communications, fixed telephony, digital cable TV and Internet services. Today, IPKO is the first and the most dominant mobile operator which offers fast-speed mobile internet – 3G and 4G networks in Kosovo.

With its arrival to the Kosovo telecommunications market, IPKO introduced competition within mobile telephony in Kosovo. The prices have been cut down and the quality level of services has been raised to the highest possible level.

IPKO continues to be the leading internet provider both in terms of number of costumers and network reach. Company is also the leader on digital cable TV services having the most qualitative content and the highest number of costumers. IPKO has the largest landline-fix network in Kosova with 350.000 ports available, while the number of customers in fix telephony is increasing constantly.

In each segment – mobile, fix, internet and Digital Cable TV- IPKO has the latest, and the most qualitative network, in our country.

IPKO finds itself at the stage of continuous growth and development. IPKO has 19 official sales stores all over the country, technical and customer care support available 24x7x365, and a wide network of authorized distributors (some of them operating 24/7).


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    • First Internet connection (www.cnn.com) from Kosovo through Internet Project Kosovo
    • The beginning of IPKO, as a humanitarian project, called Internet Project Kosovo
    • The establishment of the company, the transition from the non- governmental organization ipko.org, to IPKO Net Company
    • Acquirement of the first loan from ProCredit Bank to invest in international backbone for network expansion throughout Kosovo
    • IPKO NET receives a loan of 1.65 million Euro from ProCredit Bank
    • Online platform for insurance companies
    • IPKO NET signs an agreement with “Albright Group”
    • IPKO NET signs an agreement with Scientific Atlanta Europe
    • KEK and IPKO Net sign an agreement
    • IPKO NET participates in the Information Technology Trade Fair
    • IPKO NET sponsors the music concert for Liberation Day of Prishtina
    • IPKO NET supports SOS Kinderdorf
    • IPKO NET gets the license for fixed telephony services
    • Telecom Slovenia, officially buys IPKO NET
    • Telecom Slovenia visits Kosovo
    • IPKO NET participates in the Job Career Fair
    • IPKO NET starts expansion of optical fiber
    • IPKO NET marks the launch of the mobile telephony with a concert of worldwide known music rapper 50 Cent
    • The second mobile telephony operator IPKO is launched
    • First international call is made from IPKO GSM network
    • IPKO NET opens sales shop in Mitrovica
    • IPKO NET sponsors Dokufest
    • IPKO NET marks the 20000th client of DUO service
    • IPKO NET chooses Ericsson for GSM network coverage
    • IPKO NET opens sales centers in Peja, Gjilan and Ferizaj
    • IPKO NET among the biggest taxpayers
    • 10000th client of DUO service is recorded
    • IPKO NET participates in the Job Career Fair
    • Consortium, Telekom Slovenije, Mobitel and IPKO NET sign the contract
    • IPKO NET wins the license as the second operator of mobile telephony
    • IPKO helps families in Malisheva
    • IPKO organizes the celebration of New Year
    • IPKO celebrates the first anniversary of mobile telephony
    • Entertainment with IPKO in 8 cities of Kosova
    • IPKO awards a BMW X3 vehicle
    • IPKO launches new packages of fixed telephony and Internet
    • Digital TV project begins
    • IPKO golden sponsor of Dokufest
    • Record of usage and sending of Multimedia Messages (MMS)
    • 250,000 SIM cards sold within first four months of operation
    • IPKO applies for cable TV license
    • Invitation for public debate
    • IPKO opens a sales shop in Dardania neighborhood
    • IPKO with more than 40000 DUO clients
    • IPKO NET marks the 35000th client of DUO service
    • IPKO introduces new Executive Director, Mr. Branko Babic
    • IPKO celebrates its 10th anniversary
    • IPKO and Raiffeisen Bank launch prepaid cards of well known international brand Visa with partners Better Served Kosovo and RevEurope
    • IPKO launches Pay Per View service
    • IPKO on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr rewards all customers by lowering the price of a local SMS at 1 cent for all three operators
    • IPKO offers DUO package, combination of digital television and Internet
    • IPKO lowers the prices of roaming services with Macedonia for 75%, with customers selecting Cosmofon operator during their stay in Macedonia
    • IPKO applies lowered tariffs of the European Union, by paying the same price for mobile telephony services with IPKO during the stay in one of the European Union countries
    • IPKO launches the most attractive offer in the market “Super Circle”, where customers can talk to 10 persons in the circle for 1 cent per minute
    • IPKO launches TRIO package, the combination of Internet, digital television and fix telephony
    • IPKO launches innovative product Fillo 10 for mobile telephony, where consumers are charged for calls and not for minutes
    • IPKO spreads throughout the country with new shops and authorized distributors
    • IPKO brings the famous Latino American band “Pasion De Buena Vista in Mitrovica
    • IPKO shuts down analogue transmission
    • IPKO launches Digital Television service
    • IPKO opens for everyone the entertaining and informative portal (www.IPKO.net)
    • IPKO repairs the school yard “A.Z.Çajupi” in Mitrovica
    • Magnificent fireworks and entertainment for children, for the 1-st anniversary of Independence
    • IPKO opens super sales and business shop in Prishtina
    • IPKO covers with its network main touristic parts of Kosovo
    • IPKO and Digitalb launch digital High-Definition (HD) TV channels
    • IPKO: Digital TV prices for businesses, up to 60 percent lower
    • IPKO lowers roaming prices again for the EU and Macedonia
    • IPKO offers free access to Facebook.com®
    • IPKO’s offer lowers prices of mobile telephony within and outside the network
    • Following the opinion of the International Court of Justice, IPKO has distributed over 3.2 million SMS for FREE
    • IPKO lowers Roaming and GPRS prices, as well as offers bonus for every mobile phone refill
    • IPKO lowers the prices of digital TV packages
    • IPKO hands over the check worth about 12 thousand EURO to the Foundation “Nëna dhe foshnja të shëndetshme”
    • IPKO: phone calls toward mobile operators in Switzerland, cost only  € 18 cents
    • Pay 60€ credit refill and win extra 60€, through Starcard
    • Package “quatro” offers all telecommunication services, in one
    • IPKO: business packages combined with mobile, fixed telephony and smart mobile phones
    • More benefits for IPKO’s clients and their friends
    • All IPKO’s clients now have multiply faster Internet, without limitation, and without additional cost
    • IPKO uses social network – Facebook to help children with Down syndrome
    • IPKO supports the festival of documentary film-Dokufest, in its jubilee edition
    • IPKO applies “euro-tariff”, again lowers roaming prices for 27 EU countries
    • IPKO lowers roaming prices for Albania, Montenegro and Croatia, up to 40 percent
    • IPKO updates its image, with a new company vision
    • IPKO: “RRAFSH” 8.5 cents per call, toward all mobile operators in Kosovo
    • IPKO presents packages containing national minutes and SMSs, MMSs, GPRSs, and smart phones Nokia, HTC and Samsung
    • Even less then a month time for registering IPKO mobile numbers
    • IPKO: call free of charge for one month, with a preferred number
    • Telekom Slovenije appoints Robert Erzin as Executive Director of IPKO
    • IPKO registers the first 60 thousand mobile telephony customers
    • IPKO again increases Internet speed, no change of prices
    • IPKO distributes 13 million “PIKA” to loyal clients, enabling the conversion of “PIKA” into products
    • IPKO: 100 days of communication without borders between Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia
    • Hej! enables users to reward themselves and their friends with free communication
    • IPKO speeds up the Internet in Kosovo, offering 80mbps packages
    • IPKO welcomes new clients with free 1000 minutes, SMSs or MB
    • IPKO upgrades Internet throughout Kosovo, simplifying access
    • Package Hej! does not wait, it increases the client base and mobile traffic
    • IPKO launches platform for young people – brand “HEJ! PSE PO PRET? (“Hej! What are you waiting for?”)
    • IPKO rewards its loyal clients, launching the ‘IPKO PIKA’ program
    • IPKO presents the new design of its official website
    • IPKO has the most stable network, even during holidays
    • IPKO introduces 3G, a faster mobile Internet for the first time in Kosovo
    • IPKO enhances 3G network coverage and presents a high level of Internet use on mobile devices
    • IPKO packages with new monthly national minutes and sms, Internet 3g with bonus
    • IPKO launches new monthly packages containing national minutes and SMSs, as well as 3G Internet bonus
    • IPKO introduces a new tariff for calls towards all operators in Kosovo
    • Every week IPKO rewards its clients with 140 smart mobile phones
    • IPKO issued by the 4G network, for the first time in Kosovo
    • IPKO marks the 15th anniversary of its establishment and presents Financial results for Q2 2014
    • IPKO official partner of Apple
    • IPKO supports projects of public schools in 20 villages
    • IPKO and Wikimedia Foundation enable free access to Wikipedia zero
    • IPKO, the only provider of DIGITALB channels, even for the next 5 years

    IPKO: package with smart phones and minutes for children

    • Minister Stavileci visits IPKO: information technology, an important pillar of economic development
    • IPKO beyond borders: a single package of mobile Internet for Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro
    • IPKO: free phone calls with family and business
    • IPKO presents Financial results for Q4 and major achievements of the year 2014
    • IPKO awards new customers with 1000 minutes and 1000 SMSs, 1000MB for free
    • IPKO develops Digital TV with Catchup TV
    • IPKO with daily and weekly mobile Internet package in its 3G and 4G network
    • IPKO delivers 26 new models of mobile phones from world’s top manufacturers
    • Director of IPKO, Robert Erzin was elected Chairman of the Board of the Council of the European investors
    • IPKO offers 2GB free Internet to all those switching to 4G
    • IPKO offers unlimited mobile Internet in Kosovo, 5GB Internet for the region and 200 MB for Europe and USA
    • IPKO launches Superduo Plus, packages with all in one for each family member
    • IPKO opens a new and modern shop in the center of Vushtrri
    • IPKO averagely invests 14 million EUR per year
    • IPKO continues to distribute packages of mobile Internet, free of charge

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