In accordance with the regulation on “Data protection and privacy of IPKO users” and in full compliance with the Law on Personal Data Protection No. 03/L-172, IPKO processes personal data of its electronic communications users, including the name, personal identification number, address , fixed telephone number, mobile number and email address.

All personal data collected by IPKO from the users of its services are used and processed in an honest and fair manner, always in full compliance with the applicable law.

Personal data are processed or stored only for a period of time that is in accordance with the specific purposes for which these data have been collected by IPKO, in compliance with the obligations deriving from the Law on Communications and other applicable legislation.

In order to provide the best possible services, IPKO, only upon your consent, will use personal data for the purposes of direct marketing. You can choose not to be contacted for direct marketing.

IPKO does not transfer your personal data to third parties, unless the consent has been given explicitly to do so. If you have given your consent to a third party (which must be in writing) to obtain your personal data from IPKO, in that case IPKO shall not bear responsibility for the transfer of these data. Nevertheless, IPKO is obliged, pursuant to the legislation or in order to implement an order issued by a competent court, to transfer your personal data to specialized state bodies, for example in case of a criminal investigation. Also, IPKO is legally obliged to cooperate in cases of tapping phone calls and internet use and to make these data available to the competent authorities, only in accordance with the Law on Electronic Communications No. 04/L-109, Criminal Procedure Code No. 2012/04-L-123 and amendments thereto.

Should you have any question, remark, request or complaint regarding the use of data for the abovementioned purpose, please contact us in writing via the following e-mail