Now, parents can know at any time the exact location of their children who keep the smart watch. The watch also includes the benefits of 100 minutes (on-net) and 300 MB per month by which they can communicate with you.

Alcatel Move Time smart watch along with the MOVETIME Track & Talk watch application for iOS or Android allows:

  • Voice call – Call your child directly from your phone
  • Voice message – send or receive voice messages with the smart watch
  • Location tracking – Find the exact location of your child by GPS and Internet
  • SOS option – By selecting the SOS option, automatic registration of the location will be activated and sent to you
  • Safe Zone tracking – Instant notification when the child enters into or exits from the safe zone set by you
  • Alarm – Set the alarm for school directly from the smart watch
  • Historical data – Recording and storage of history (recorded locations by the watch)
  • Contact list – Register the numbers of family members and relatives in the watch.


The applications of the smart watch can be downloaded by phones operating with the following operating systems:

Price of the smart watch + Package is only 8EUR per month or 96EUR in total.

The Package has a 12-month validity.

You can find a Quick Start Guide here.

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