IPKO Junior application, accompanying Alcatel Move Time smart watch, has been designed especially for you, dear parents, to be closer to your children at any time.

Now, parents may find the exact location of their children who keep the Alcatel Move Time smart watch, thought IPKO Junior application that operates by GPS and WiFi.

Alcatel Move Time smart watch along with the IPKO Junior application allows:

1. Voice chat

· Call your child directly from your phone

2. Location tracking

· Find the exact location of your child by GPS and WiFi

3. SOS urgency

· By selecting the SOS urgency option on the watch, automatic registration of the location will be activated and sent to you

4. Alarm

· Set the alarm for school directly from the smart watch

5. Historical data

· Recording and storage of history (locations recorded by the watch)

6. Adjustment of the watch

· Adjust the watch so that it does not bother the child when at school

7. Contact list

· Register the numbers of family members and relatives in the watch

IPKO Junior Package, with 30 day validity, contains:

· 100 Minutes (on-net)

· 300 MB (Edge)

The application can be downloaded by phones operating with iOS and Android operating systems.

Price of the smart watch + Junior package is only 8 EUR per month, and 96 EUR in total for 12 months.