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Experience the feeling of unlimited communication.

“The best offer in the world” packages contain benefits that let you communicate without worrying whether you have enough credit, data or minutes in your account. You may choose the package that best suits your communication needs and switch to another package if your communication demand increases.

NEW- The best offer in the World + Gift for family member

If you are a subscriber to the “Best offer in the world” postpaid package, you can add one person to your family circle, send him/her a gift package every month, and you will be invoiced in one invoice!

To choose the package, dial code *210# through MyIPKO application, or at one of our shops and chose one of the gift packages* for one of the family members.

For more information, visit your nearest IPKO shop.

*If you activate the gift package before the 20th of the month, the package is activated immediately, whereas if it is activated after the 20th of the month, it will be activated on the 1st of the following month.

Send package as gift to any of your family member every month: 

Name of PackageFamily member AktivFamily member Ndryshe
Validity30 days30 days
Package content.6 GB

200min to all, Unlimited SMS

10 GB

250min to all,

Unlimited SMS


Click the promotional offer for online activation:

You can easily activate any of these packages by signing a contract online through or at any IPKO Shop.

With these packages, you control your expenses as each package has its own credit limit, preventing you from spending more than the limit.

Packages:GBOn-net minutesNational minutesNational SMSPrice
Top20GB (6,295 MB
usage for WB*)
Fantastik30GB (8,718 MB
usage for WB*)

Attention: Benefits of PLUS and SUPER packages are valid for use inside Kosovo, while benefits of TOP and FANTASTIKE packages can be used while staying in the Western Balkans countries. National minutes and SMS can be used in total while for mobile data applies the fair use policy, where the limit of MB is: TOP PACKAGE: 6,295 MB; FANTASTIKE PACKAGE: 8,718 MB

Prices that  shall apply for minutes and SMS in Kosovo and the Western Balkans countries if you do not have a package:

ServicePrice in KosovoPrince in the WB
On-net Calls0.18€0.18€
Calls toward other operators0.18 €0.18€
On-net Calls0.062 €0.06 €
SMS toward other operators0.082 €0.06 €

After spending MB of the package, standard prices will apply as follows: 

Data costs 1MB
In Kosovo €               0.01 
In the Western Balkans €               0.14

The Western Balkans includes the following countries: Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Clients being part of the “Best offer in the world” packages can have extra benefits from the offer of applications of various social networks with unlimited MB up to the end of the month. Activation of this offer can be made by dialing *404#.

Unlimited applicationsPrice
Facebook and Instagram1.99 €
Twitter1 €
LinkedIn1 €
Snapchat1 €

Below you may find the codes to manage your account:

Short codes Description
*123#Checking the account balance
*889# Increasing your initial limit (up to ne 3 times within one month)
*202#In case you top-up your account with an amount that exceeds the debt, you can use the remaining amount to increase your limit.
*404#Activation of social apps with unlimited MB until the end of the month
*407#Deactivation of social apps.

Payment method

At the beginning of each month, you will receive information via SMS about your expenses of the previous month and at the same time you will receive at your e-mail a detailed invoice. Otherwise the balance of the account and the debt will be reflected in your profile in My IPKO application.

You can pay your invoice through several channels:

Moreover, to view your transactions, you can use our service My Ipko Web Selfcare 

Should you need additional data for Kosovo, region or Europe:

  • Data packages *900#
  • Data packages in the region *478#
  • Data packages in Europe and USA *345#
  • Internet packages in Europe *181#

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