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Do you need unlimited communication?

In that case, the “Best Offer in the World” is the right one for YOU! Get one of the monthly packages of the “Best Offer in the World”, containing combined benefits such as UNLIMITED minutes towards IPKO, minutes towards other operators, UNLIMITED SMS towards all operators, mobile data with UNLIMITED speed.

How can you get one of the packages?

Get more Benefits with “Best offer in the world”! Sign online contract through or in any IPKO store and get more internet.


*After spending the minutes with other operators, the price per minute is 15 cents.

**After spending the MB within the package, the price for 1MB is 1 cent.

***Packages are valid only in Kosovo.

You can check the account balance by dialing *123#

EXTRA Package

In case you have spent any of the benefits within your package, you have the opportunity to activate the same package with 50% DISCOUNT (valid until the end of that month). Activate the EXTRA package by dialing *588#

Benefits are obtained from the basic package.

Add the application you want:

For the first time for the customers of “The best offer in the world”. Add app with unlimited use with super price by calling *404#






Payment methods:

  1. My IPKO application (free of charge at App Store and Play Store)
  2. IPKO shop/ point of sales
  3. SMS Top-up (through the bank)
  4. Top-up (through the ATM)
  5. Online payment portal

*You can increase your initial limit up to three times within the month, by dialling *889#
**If you refill your account with an amount that exceeds your debt, you may use the remaining amount to increase your limit, by dialling *202#