Catch up TV service allows you to watch your favorite programs up to 72 hours later, without having to record them.

How does the service function?

This service is offered through Smart Box, menu – Catch Up TV, where all channels that offer this service are listed. You can navigate through the EPG to the left, and play programs which were already broadcasted.

Service is offered through IP network, therefore Smart Box has to be connected to the internet.

In which TV channels does this service work?

Initially, Catch-up TV operates in 11 TV channels, which will be evaluated and in the future replaced or refreshed with other TV channels:

  1. RTK 1
  2. Klan KS
  3. TV 21
  4. Top Channel
  5. Klan
  6. Alsat M
  7. Hits
  8. Aksion
  9. T HD
  10. Explorer Shkence
  11. Explorer Nature

This service is offered free of charge.