Activate and manage your business account online, 24/7, from anywhere you are!

To activate this service, IPKO business clients should contact the Sales Officer responsible for their business.


Your business account in contains the following options:


The option to view and manage all your active services, including access to Mobile Telephony, Internet, Digital TV and Fixed Telephony.


Access to all postpaid numbers registered on the name of your company. Your account manager provides access to these numbers fees, phones expenses and other activities of a number, including activities such as: SMS sent and Mobile Internet expenses.


Access to your active Internet connections, providing the option to view the type, user, fee and account balance for every connection.


Access to all TV digital connections, providing the option to view the type, fees and balance of these connections.


Access to all fixed telephony active connections, including users, fees, account and balance.


Access to all payments made within a certain period of time, providing the option to view the amount and the payment date.


Monitoring of all bills, providing the option to view the exact dates when the payments are due. This option will assist in running your business and your will always be informed via SMS of receiving a new bill at

In addition, this service allows saving and printing of bills.

Activate your business account now and benefit from the platform developed especially for you to manage your IPKO services in the most convenient manner.

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