With SMART BOX you can record contents that you like. You can set it to record any program even when you are not at home. The program is recorded in the memory of the SMART BOX(USB) and you can watch it at any time.

 Forward and backward

The content that you see is stored automatically in the memory located(USB) in the SMART BOX. You can move backwards so that you can see again the moments that you like and then you can again move forward.


With SMART BOX you can pause the program that you are watching at this moment and continue to watch it later on, from where you left.

 Video on demand

With the video library of the SMART BOX you have access to many movies 24 hours a day. In the library you may find different movies and TV shows. The library is updated with the new content quite often.

 Parental Control

Through the PIN code you may allow/stop your children to see certain channels and contents. Moreover you can set even the time of when and what they can watch.
This helps the parents to control the programs that their children can watch.

  How to use those functions?

To use the functions such as: recording, forward and backward and pause, you need to connect a USB to the back of the SMART BOX in USB2 port. Smart Box supports Wireless USB with RT5370 chipset, which can be found on our market by the Tenda manufacturer.

Download the manual


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