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OfferTip BenefitsFinal priceValidity of Benefits
SIM + TiP Aktiv200Min


Unlimited SMS

7.99 € 

30 days


SIM + Tip Ndryshe250Min


Unlimited SMS/MIN

11.99 €30 days

Validity of benefits for offers SIM + TiP can be checked by dialing *110#

After the expiry of the TiP package, the same package will be automatically activated if you have sufficient balance in the account.

To activate another TiP package, you may dial *110*110#, visit MyIpko application or click here.

To stop the automatic activation of TIP packages, you need to dial *110*9#.

After spending the benefits, the following standard prices will apply:

Calls toward IPKO0.18 €
Calls toward other operators0.18 €
SMS toward IPKO0.062 €
SMS toward other operators0,082 €
Calls within the circle0.04 €
SMS within the circle 0.04 €


The validity period of the refill of your account depends on the amount of credit you decide to top-up your phone account and shall apply from the moment that the refill is made:

Top up amountValidity*
1€10 days
2€20 days
3€ – 4€30 days
5€ – 9€60 days
10€ – 19€90 days
20€ +360 days

*Validity, which you define by choosing the refill, shows the time period during which you may use all mobile telephony services, whereas after the expiry of the defined time, for example 10 days, 20 days, 30 days and so on, for the next 14 days you may only receive calls.

If you do not top-up your phone during these 14 days, then your number will be disconnected.

Top-up your account through national Banks

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