All new clients now can choose the SIM Card with the following benefits: Internet on mobile phones or minutes

User of mobile phone internet

If you are a user of mobile phone internet, then you will get your SIM card with 1GB internet with validity of 30 days which costs 3 EUR.

For all you who use mobile phone internet, once you have spent your 1GB, you can choose one of the packages we offer to our clients. For more details click here.

User of minutes 

While, if you are a user of minutes, you will have in your SIM card 1000 minutes with a validity of 30 days, which costs 3 EUR.

Once you have spent 1000 minutes, for more details see the ‘Start’ tariff prices.

Service Price
Calls within the IPKO network 0.13 €
Calls with other operators 0.153 €
SMS within the IPKO network  0.062 €
SMS with other operators 0.082 €
Calls within the circle 0.04 €
SMS within the circle  0.04 €


Validity of your account depends on the amount of the credit chosen to refill your mobile phone account and applies from the moment you make the refill:

Refill amount Validity*
1€ 10 days
2€ 20 days
3€ – 4€ 30 days
5€ – 9€ 60 days
10€ – 19€ 90 days
20€ + 360 days

*Validity, which you set by a selected refills, specifies the time frame during which you can use all mobile telephony services, while after the expiration of for example 10, 20 or 30 days, for the next 14 days you can only receive calls.

If you don’t refill your account within those 14 days, your phone number will be suspended.

Top-up your account through national Banks