Super with Double Internet

Super with Double Internet” is a promotional package of “The best offer in the world” and our customers can get it at any IPKO store or through This package contains twice as much internet as the regular “SUPER” package and is dedicated to all those who always need more internet. *After spending the minutes with...


What type are you?

TiP Packages are prepaid packages containing combined benefits such as: minutes, SMS and mobile data and enable you to communicate with all operators in Kosovo and the Western Balkans.


The best package in the world!

Do you need unlimited communication? In that case, the “Best Offer in the World” is the right one for YOU! Get one of the monthly packages of the “Best Offer in the World”, containing combined benefits such as UNLIMITED minutes towards IPKO, minutes towards other operators, UNLIMITED SMS towards all operators, mobile data with UNLIMITED...


Welcome Home!

During your stay in Kosovo, you can experience uninterrupted communication with your relatives. Choose the most suitable package with minutes, SMS and data and continue to communicate outside Kosovo while you are traveling or enjoying your vacation in: Albania Montenegro North Macedonia Croatia Greece Turkey Bosnia & Herzegovina Serbia Pako Internet Validity Price Activate Minuts...


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