IPKO brings communication packages for the Prepaid and Postpaid segment for the Western Balkans based on the roaming service price reduction agreement.

These packages include minutes, SMS messages and mobile internet that can be used in Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Prepaid Packages

All prepaid clients can activate one of the Vera packages and use their benefits in Kosovo or while staying in one of the Western Balkan countries:

*VERA packages shall be reactivated at the moment they expire. To stop reactivation dial *384*0#

Postpaid Packages

All clients who sign a contract for Postpaid packages, listed below, have the benefits of the packages that are valid for use in Kosovo or during their stay in one of the Western Balkan countries.

*Unlimited minutes and SMS messages within the IPKO network are valid only in Kosovo.

Prices once the package is spent:

Calls to all operators in Kosovo0.18€/ min
Price towards other operators in Western Balkans0.18€/ min
SMS messages to all operators0.06 €
MB0.14 €

For prices toward all roaming operators click here.

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