My Circle is part of  Fol me ton’ tariff, if you are not part of any of the two, first you have to choose one of the tariffs by texting to the 50505 number.

Number administration for “My Circle”

Add or remove your favorite people, or even check from time to time who is in your circle. Do whatever you feel like with your selected numbers inside “My Circle”. To create “My Circle”, you have to be part of Fol me ton’ package and just after that you have to text to the number 50505:

  • Plus 049xxxxxx to add a number
  • Minus 049xxxxxx to remove a number

Text “Rrethi” to 50505, to check who are you keeping in “My Circle”.

You can also ad to “My Circle” numbers from IPKO’s fixed Telephony: +381387xxxxx.

How to add numbers in the Circle?

First, you will have to activate tariff IPKO Talk to all! by calling *600#. After the tariff has been activated, you may begin adding up to 10 numbers to your circle, by texting: Plus 049xxxxxx, to number 50505. To remove numbers from your circle, you will have to text Minus 049xxxxxx, to number 50505.

Thirrjet në të gjithë operatorët 0.10 EUR
Thirrjet në rreth 0.04 EUR
SMS në të gjithë operatorët 0.05 EUR
SMS në rreth 0.04 EUR
SMS ndërkombëtarë 0.10 EUR
MMS në të gjithë operatorët 0.10 EUR
MMS ndërkombëtarë  0.20 EUR