With IPKO Talk to all tariff, you will speak to all mobile operators throughout Kosovo for only 10 cents/min and 5 cents SMS, you can also speak to 10 people within circle for only 4 cents/min and 4 cents SMS without having to pay for activation of the circle.

How to activate “IPKO Talk to all” tariff?

To activate IPKO Talk to all tariff you have to call the code *600#. First activation is free of charge!

Any tariff change once in a month is free of charge, whereas for every tariff change more than once within a month you will pay 1€.

How to add numbers in the Circle?

First, you will have to activate tariff IPKO Talk to all! by calling *600#. After the tariff has been activated, you may begin adding up to 10 numbers to your circle, by texting: Plus 049xxxxxx, to number 50505.To remove numbers from your circle, you will have to text Minus 049xxxxxx, to number 50505.


Service Price
Calls to all operators 0.10 €
Calls within circle 0.04 €
SMS to all operators 0.05 €
SMS within circle 0.04 €
International SMS  0.10 €
MMS to all operators 0.10 €
International MMS 0.20 €

* Notification, 01 March 2019.
Starting from April 1st, calls to other operators will cost 0.15 €

* Notification, 10 March 2019
Starting from April 10, all clients of ‘Fol me Ton’ tariff will pass to the Start tariff.