If you have not tried yet the fantastic content of digital television, IPKO has created for you the Summer package with fantastic content and fast internet. The package has been designed in such a way to meet all needs of a family, and it contains:

  • Internet up to 20Mbps and
  • 99 TV channels
Price for 6 months/This price is promotional50.00 €
Internet Package20 Mbps
The offer is valid for6 months

Check out the list of channels for the Summer Package here.

*Hurry up, the price of the Summer package is 50€ and it is promotional.

This package comes in a 12-month contract where after the first 6 months of the contract, the package switches to the regular price of 12 €/month. Package is valid for new clients only.

Visit your nearest IPKO shop to get the package.