With the new IPKO prefix 048, you are able to get the same number you own with other operators and benefit from our fantastic offers.

You can take your number only after it has been booked and received the verification code in advance. Reserved numbers can be obtained at all IPKO shops within 3 days after reservation (by presenting the code you received on your phone).

Each new number gets 100SMS, 100MIN to all operators in Kosovo and 10GB with the fastest mobile internet. The benefits are valid for 14 days. After 14 days your package will switch to Tip Aktiv package*

* Applies to prepaid customers

You can book your number simply and easily through the following platform:

Please enter your current number to reserve the same number with 048 prefix!

Please check “Captcha” to continue!

Please enter the 4-digit code you received on your phone to proceed.

Kodi gabim!

This number costs 0 EUR. Press the reserve button to complete or cancel to cancel the number reservation.

This number is reserved already.

Code is successfully resent!

Your number has been successfully reserved. Please go to any IPKO store within 3 days to get your number, otherwise it will be exempt from reserving.

Your reservation is canceled upon your request.

*There may be a delay in receiving SMS when you reserve the number, please wait!

* For any technical problems please contact IPKO Call Center 049 700 700

* In case uf you loss your confirmation code please press “reset code” button