In its continuous endeavor to create a better environment for the children of our country, IPKO has supported organizations dealing with children with special needs. The donation has been distributed to 10 centers, and the aim was to improve the learning process of children with special needs.

Five Source Centers and five organizations are among the beneficiaries. They include the Source Center for Intellectually Impaired Children “Përparimi”, Prishtina; “Lef Nosi”, Prizren; “Nënë Tereza”, Mitrovica; Source Center for Visually Impaired Children “Xheladin Deda”, Peja; Special School for Children with Multiple Impairs “Shpresa”, Shtima; PEMA Organization, Ferizaj; Down Syndrome Kosovo, Prishtina; “AUTIZMI” Association, Lipjan; Deaf People Association, Prishtina; and HANDIKOS Organization, Suhareka.

These organizations have received support amounting to 10 thousand euros. The donation has been granted after considering their needs; they have been equipped with concrete/didactic and other educational materials that ease the work with children with special needs.

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