IPKO continues supporting health sector – It donates the sophisticated ultrasound system for the oncology clinic in QKUK.

Even during these pandemic times, when all the businesses and economy was highly effected, IPKO Telecommunications LLC has remained dedicated to its goals and corporate values.  A highly social responsible company, with a clear devotion to the health sector for many years,

IPKO has donated the sophisticated ultrasound system, Philips ClearVue 650 for the oncology clinic, which detects the cancer in its early stages.

This ultrasound is critical to shorten the waiting period for patients who are in line for the check-up – a period which is crucial into detecting the cancer in its early stages, and which increases the chances of survival. Oncology clinic only had one ultrasound for examination which is an older model and not as efficient.

During the period 2018-2019, IPKO was focused on contributing to the health sector in Kosovo.  There were purchased and deliver medical devices to 20 pediatric units, in amount of EUR 150,000 to Main Centers for Family Care (MCFC) in different municipalities of Kosova.

IPKO is a great contributor to the society, always initiating and supporting different causes with the main subject, health, education and sports.

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