For the sixth year in a row, IPKO continues its growth in mobile telephony, while on digital TV and internet the company posted a double digit growth 

Prishtina, April 12th, 2017 – IPKO today announced its audited annual business results for 2016. The Company posted a record growth in fixed services, as its record growth was higher than the overall market growth.

Last year, IPKO’s growth on Internet and digital TV was 14.8 percent on average versus market growth of 10.8 percent. What’s more, IPKO built a postpaid subscribers base from scratch and ended the year with nearly 20,000 postpaid contracts on fixed services.

Notwithstanding the European declining trend on mobile, IPKO closed year 2016 with 37 percent market share on mobile telephony, while increasing mobile user base for almost 6 percent, when compared on year to year basis.

The Company posted revenues of more than 70 million euros, higher than the EU-average ratio of EBITDA at 22, 9 million euros, 561,000 on EBIT and capital investments that reached 11, 9 million euros, during year 2016. For almost a decade in mobile market in Kosovo, IPKO’s capital investments reached an all-time high of 300 million euros.

“Considering multiple factors that heavily impacted our business, we concluded another year with outstanding business results. With unique product portfolio and unrivaled customer care, we grew on all segments of our business and managed to expand and upgrade our network infrastructure in new areas, while shifting the market to postpaid and connecting thousands and thousands of new users, all across the country” said Robert Erzin, Executive Director at IPKO.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to serve more than 1 million Kosovars on monthly basis, and have the trust of more than 6,000 businesses and corporations in Kosovo, and also serve daily more than 100,000 people they employ” said further Erzin. “We are truly committed to do even more in 2017”

During 2016, IPKO expanded its 3G and 4G technologies with hundred new base stations that contributed to increasing the mobile broadband coverage to 90 percent of population. To date, 1.2 million Kosovars have access to broadband mobile and fixed Internet, while IPKO remains the largest operator in the country with just about 50 percent market share.

IPKO is committed to continue its  vision to make Kosovo an internationally connected society of successful, proud and respected individuals, communities and businesses. IPKO has an enduring mission to empower individuals, communities and businesses in Kosovo and beyond to connect and thrive.