On Valentine’s Day, IPKO users can reward their special ones a new phone that comes with just enough amounts of minutes, SMS’s and megabytes to always be connected

Along with wishing your loved ones a ‘Happy Valentine’s day’ in 2017, IPKO enables its customers to rejoice the Valentine’s with some adorable phones and unlimited communication for two, during a whole year.

It doesn’t matter whether the person you are rewarding is your girlfriend; wife or a friend, an LTE smartphone is always a good choice. In the same way, be him your boyfriend or husband or just a friend, a cool smartphone will always make the person happy.

IPKO’s newest package for Valentine’s Day includes 100 minutes within the network, 200 SMS’s and a gigabyte of mobile internet and a smartphone of choice. Users can combine their package with the entry phone model – Leagoo Alfa 4 for six euros a month, Blackview E7 with 4GLTE capability for 10 euros a month or even the best model in the offer – Vivax Fly 2 LTE for 12 euros a month.

“As always, we created a special offer for our users, enabling them to surprise their loved ones with more than just a good wish. We always strive to find new and creative ways to keep our customers happy, united and connected in a convenient manner” said Alban Kastrati, PR expert in IPKO.

In addition to the benefits and a phone model, the user activating a package can choose a number of a loved person and communicate unlimitedly with the person for one full year. The same offer is also eligible for users activating Hej3000 package.

All that users need to do in order to get their chosen package with a phone, is to visit any of the nearest IPKO stores, and choose to pay the package in full or in installments with a starcard.

For more information on the packages, please visit: http://www.ipko.com/offers/shen-valentini/