IPKO introduces new package that offers unlimited mobile internet in Kosovo, 5GB mobile internet for the region and 200 MB for Europe

  • Doing business is changing in Kosovo and IPKO has already adapted to new business trends with packages dedicated to users who need absolute communication
  • In addition to many other benefits, the newest package offers unlimited mobile internet for Kosovo, 5GB for countries in the region and adds 200 megabytes for browsing on mobile across Europe

Prishtina, November 8, 2016 – In recent years, doing business in Kosovo is modernized as per latest global trends, and in our market there are smart businesses and numerous business-people that do business primarily online, for whom the mobile device is the essential tool that is sufficient to perform from different corners of the world.

Mujore Smart is dedicated to all the users that rely on their smartphones to communicate without any hindrance in dozens of countries that they visit repeatedly, or grow and develop their business by communicating with all their associates from anywhere – including the region, Europe and US.

“IPKO understands its users and their growing demand for total freedom in mobile – especially their huge appetite for more and more data, inside and outside the country. We understand new market needs and we are now truly matching them with smart monthly package, which will enable our users to freely talk, text and surf on mobile whether they are in Kosovo, in the region or even Europe or US. This is not just a simple mobile package – it’s an accomplishment of our vision aiming to provide all Kosovars with new and empowering tools that boost their ongoing efforts to grow and succeed locally and internationally” said Robert Erzin, Chief Executive Officer of IPKO.         

Incredible features of Mujore Smart:

In a single month, Mujore Smart offers unlimited minutes within IPKO network, 2000 minutes towards any mobile operator in Kosovo, unlimited mobile data and unlimited SMS’s to all operators, plus 5GB of mobile data that can be used in Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia and Turkey, as well as 200MB internet to use in European Union countries or US. —

The package that meets all needs and desires of various IPKO users costs EUR 99 per month –providing absolute mobility, constant connectivity for best value for money.

IPKO is the first mobile telephony in Kosovo by the number of mobile data users, 3G and 4G coverage, as well as the most spread-out network in Kosovo. Please visit (the final URL) for more details on Mujore Smart: