Dial *900*900# and choose one of the Mobile Internet packages. With you when you need the fastest Internet in the country.

IPKO covers the entire territory of Kosovo with the fastest Internet network – 4G. To experience the real 4G speed, you need a smart phone that supports 4G and a 4G SIM card. Replacement of SIM card may be done in all our shops.

Choose one of the packages and browse the fastest 4G Internet, wherever you are.

Daily500MB0.509 €1 day*900*0#
1GB1GB1.50 €7 days*900*1#
2GB2GB2.50 €14 days*900*2#
3GB3GB3.50 €21 days*900*3#
5GB5GB5.50 €30 days*900*5#
7GB7GB7.50 €30 days*900*7#

For each package you activate, you get, FREE OF CHARGE, 5GB WiFi Internet on your mobile phone which can be used at our WiFi points in all cities of Kosovo.

If so far you have not used internet pacakges on your mobile phone, you need to first activate the Internet by dialing the code *321#.

These packages are reactivated automatically. To stop reactivation you should call the code *900*9#.

To check your MB balance, you need to dial *900#, and your total amount of MB shall be displayed.

Prices once the package is spent: The price for first 100KB is 0.21€, whereas each following 100KB cost 0.01€. You need to have more than 28 cents in your account in order to use internet on your mobile phone.