Send a PACKAGE as a GIFT!

The holiday season will soon be upon us and the festive atmosphere does not make sense without exchanging gifts!

IPKO has thought about all of you who care for your beloved ones by providing the newest service in the market – GIFT PACKAGE.

To send the gift, you need to dial *212#.

Afterwards, on your screen will appear a menu with 4 products that you may send as gifs, namely:

Internet Package

Name of packageGBValidity Price
Daily500MB1 day0.509EUR
1GB1 GB7 days1.50EUR
2GB2GB14 days 2.50EUR
3GB3GB21 days3.50EUR
5GB5 GB30 days 5.50EUR
7GB7 GB30 days 7.50EUR

Roaming Package

Name of package GBValidityPrice
Daily200 MB1 day 1.50EUR
Weekly 1 GB7 days 5.00EUR
Monthly 2 GB 30 days 10.00EUR

TiP package

Name of packagePackagesValidityPrice
Standard Tip 100min/100sms/1GB 7 days 2.50EUR
Trendy Tip 100min/200sms/850MB 30 days 3.95EUR
Active Tip 150min/200sms/1GB 30 days 4.95EUR
Different Tip 150min/200sms/2GB 30 days 6.95EUR

HEJ package

Name of packagePackages ValidityPrice
Hej Mini 100min/100sms/100MB 30 days 1.00EUR
Hej 500min/500sms/500MB 30 days 3.00EUR
Hej 3000 3000 units (min, sms, MB) 30 days 3.00EUR
Hej Without Limits Unlimited min/sms/1GB 30 days 5.00EUR

*HEJ PACKAGE can be sent as a gift to clients that meet the requirements to be part of the HEJ! community

The service of sending a gift costs 10 cents, while the prices of gifts are shown above.

Important note for gift senders:

Monthly paying clients may receive as a gift the following:

  • Data Roaming Package
  • Mobile Internet Package

Prepaid clients may receive as a gift the following:

  • PakoTip
  • Data Roaming Package
  • Mobile Internet Package