Talk with your family for 0 cents per minute

For all of you who communicate among yourselves more frequently and are a group of five members, either family or friends, the family package is the ideal choice to serve your communication needs.

With this package, besides lower prices, you get free of charge communication among 5 numbers for the first 3 months. To communicate FOR FREE, at least one of the members must make a refill of 3 Euros per month.

All you have to do is visit one of our shops and request the package with 5 numbers, which will cost you 5 Euros, and afterwards the communication among yourselves will be FREE OF CHARGE for 3 months.

After the promotional period of 3 months, the calls among yourselves will have a lower price – only two cents per minute among the 5 members, and the calls to all the other operators will cost you 10 cents per minute.

Get the package with 5 SIM cards now and stay in touch with your most loved ones all the time.