Junior Package

Junior Package is the only package on the market matching the communication needs between children and parents.

The package contains 200 Minutes, 200 SMS and 200 MB per month, for only 2.04 EUR.

This package is valid for children between the age of 6-15 years, equipped with an identification document and appear in person with the parent at the Shop. A parent can register up to 5 children.

Following the first activation at the Shop, 200 MIN + 200 SMS + 200MB will be transferred to the child’s account for only 2.04 EUR per month.

Afterwards, through his/her phone, the parent can:

  • check the balance of the child’s account
  • activate the package every month
  • get notified when minutes of the package are nearly over
  • get notified when the child has tried to activate the package but did not have sufficient credits

Minutes and SMS apply for on-net communications only.

Codes for the parent

  • Call *511*049xxxxxx# to activate the package
  • Call *544*049xxxxxx# to check the package balance

Codes for the child

  • Call *511*1# to activate the  package
  • Call *544# to check the package balance
  • Call *707# to deactivate the package

Annual Junior Package

You may also get a  JUNIOR package for  1 year, together with one smart phone, starting from  49.95€.