Choose one of the best packages in the world and talk, type, and surf the Internet without knowing when enough is enough!

The new monthly packages include combined benefits such as UNLIMITED minutes through IPKO, minutes with other operators, UNLIMITED SMS with all operators, and mobile internet with UNLIMITED speed.

How can you get one of these packages?

All you have to do is choose one of the packages below, at the IPKO shop.


*After using up minutes with other operators, the cost will be only 0.05 Eur per minute.

**After using up MB within the package, the speed of the internet will reduce but you will still be able to use the Internet without any extra charge.

Check balance of the benefits by dialing *123#


What happens after using up your benefits?

EXTRA Package

In case of using up one of the benefits within your package, you have the opportunity to activate one of the packages with 50% DISCOUNT (valid until the end of that month). Activate EXTRA package by dialing *588#