Package activation

To begin using the Internet on your phone, you will have to go through a few easy steps:


Call *321#

First activate the Internet option on your mobile phone, by texting “Plus GPRS” to 123


Second, will have to configure your mobile phone, which you can do:

  • Manually,
  • Through instructions presented on,
  • At any IPKO store,
  • Or by calling Call Center on 049/038 700 700.


And finally, you choose your package and activate it:

  • by SMS,
  • by IPKO Menu,
  • or at any IPKO store.


To configure your mobile phone manually, you just have to put in the information:

  • Username: (none)
  • Password: (none)
  • Proxy:
  • Proxy port: 8080

iPhone manual phone configuration:

  • Settings
  • General
  • Network
  • Username: (none)
  • Password: (none)
  • Activate by SMS

How to deactivate?

Your chosen package will only deactivate when it expires its 30 days usage term. No other options are available.

Balance check

To check your MB balance just press *123*1# and your MB balance will show.