Facebook Zero


Now you can keep Facebook with you at any time, to access it from your mobile phone, through Facebook Zero. All you need is to have mobile internet option activated, configured mobile phone and to access your Facebook Zero profile at any time, from your mobile phone

To activate this service, please dial the code *321#.

To use the Facebook service, you must have at least 0.28 Euros in your account (this amount of 0.28 Euros will not be spent).

Access to Facebook Zero is done through 3 addresses, chose any of them and your profile will be opened within few moments.

  • 0.facebook.com
  • o.facebook.com
  • zero.facebook.com

If you wish to receive the links through SMS, please dial the code *456# on your phone and within few seconds you will receive an SMS with webpage links.

Facebook Zero content is based only on text and the advantage of this version is speed. To access any photo/video or to open any other webpage outside Facebook Zero, you have to pay for MB transfer.