Everything in IPKO Menu

IPKO Menu is a special application which will help you, easier and faster, to:

  1. Check your account (balance) of numerous bonuses that you collect, divided by categories, and activate some basic services. You can also select up to 3 favorite codes that you use on a regular basis, which are available on the menu Favorites – just a click away
  2. Activate your favorite products and many new products that you want to try
  3. All IPKO stores and distributors, listed by location – so you’ll always know the nearest place to get IPKO services. Once you select one store or distributor, the location will show up on a map, so that you find it even faster.
  • *Location (Proximity) works on all phones equipped with GPS.
  • *For the use of maps, internet onmobile fees may apply.

This application is developed for Android and iOS.

You can download the application at Google Play Store, or at the link: http://bit.ly/YyXaiC