Twitter SMS

Write to me on Twitter

Now, all those who have active Twitter accounts, will be able to send and receive tweets, via SMS from IPKO mobile telephony.

Sending and receiving tweets is totally simple, all you have to do is configure your phone and start posting tweets, through SMS to number 16161.

Configuration of the phone for Twitter SMS via

  1. Access your Twitter account
  2. Choose the option Settings – Mobile
  3. Choose country Kosovo, operator IPKO
  4. Enter your number and click Start

Once you have entered the data, write an SMS with a text GO to the number 16161. Twitter SMS is now active.

Configuring Twitter SMS via your phone:

  1. Send an SMS with text START to 16161
  2. Twitter will reply via SMS, to which you should respond by giving your Twitter username
  3. After this, Twitter will ask you to send your password. During the writing of your password, you must write all characters right, small and large letters.
  4. Send the password and if it is accurate, Twitter will ask you to reply with an OK in order to finish with the configuration for your Twitter SMS.
  5. Now, your Twitter SMS is active.

For every SMS sent towards 16161 standard SMS prices are applied.